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    Friday, May 22, 2009


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    True story. I was in the middle of an epic novel length email reply to you when my computer started to act retarded. It's taken almost 24 hrs and I think, I THINK I may have it fixed. I'll now attempt to recreate the magic that was the email.
    I must also say that driving into NYC at night has the same effect on me; I don't think there's ever been a moment as magical as when I saw that skyline for the first time. My favorite cousin (who lives there) was watching for my reaction the whole time with a camera in his hand because he knows me so well and damn what I wouldn't give to have that picture now.


    I've had so many awful experiences at the Dallas airport that I've been tempted to set fire to it. Missed connections, fatass rednecks loudly discussing Ann Coulter's latest book, delays, and so on. BAD karma.

    Having said that, I CANNOT WAIT to read posts from this summer's road trip. They may have to published into a book. I can make that happen. I know people who know people who know people.

    Amber at Painfully Hip

    This is totally hilarious and I love you.

    Awesome All Day

    hahaha If you had just listened to me and continued to drink all the different varieties of alcohol available you would have been TOTALLY fine,


    kim - post road-trip, will you come visit me in ny? please?!
    barrie - regarding this book publishing, we should compile a volume entitled "go to hell dallas/ft. worth international: a collection of heartbreaking true storied by abused travelers." you in?
    amber/r - ROAD TRIP '09!!!

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