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    Thursday, May 28, 2009


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    I'm sad that I didn't comment on the Dallas airport the last time you talked about it. I haven't had to spend any time in that place I like to call the tenth circle of hell for about fifteen years, but that doesn't mean my hatred for it has diminished in any way. In fact, your stories brought it all raging back to me in sharp detail. The place was designed by Satan and I think he's still running things. The fact it's the size of a small city bigger than the town I grew up in only means Satan had a nice big budget to work with when he built it.
    I'm so sorry (and a little worried) you've been stranded there for so long. I hope by now you're safely home and that your new jumpsuit is with you.


    haha! satan DID build it, didn't he?!?! i totally knew it.
    in other news - obviously i survived. i've been in therapy for a week straight though.
    (thus the extreme slacking in my responding-to-comments...)
    sigh. i wish that was a real excuse...


    I hate Amerian Airlines too. Last time I flew TO Dallas Ft Worth, our plane got delayed an hour, and at the end of the our, got delayed another hour, and so on... it ended up being delayed five hours and forty five minutes. :( :( I hate them!! And they only told us at the end of every "one more hour" delay that we couldn't leave and go somewhere else to wait! Those bastards.

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